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Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Imaging 3T MRI is a diagnostic imaging technology that uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to create detailed images of the body’s internal structures.

Anyone with a referral from a physician who meets the suitability criteria for the MRI scan can have a 3T MRI scan.

The Mission Imaging 3T MRI offers many benefits, including higher image resolution, faster scan times, and the ability to capture detailed images of the brain, spine, and other body areas.

Depending on the type of scan, you may be asked to fast or refrain from consuming coffee or other caffeinated drinks. You should also inform your healthcare provider if you have metal implants or devices, as these can interfere with the MRI imaging.

During the scan, the patient will lie inside the machine while the technologist takes images of the body’s internal structure using radio waves and magnets. The entire scan process typically takes about 30-45 minutes.

The Mission Imaging 3T MRI is considered safe and poses no risks to the patient as long as they do not have any metal implants or devices that can be affected by the magnetic field. However, some patients may experience claustrophobia during the scan and should inform their healthcare provider beforehand.

The scan results will be sent to your referring physician, who will review the images and discuss the findings. It typically takes a few days to a week for the results to be processed and sent to the referring physician.