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Medical Imaging Resources for Legal Professionals

Highly accurate medical imaging is central to a successful personal injury case. Mission Imaging 3T MRI has a strong history of producing diagnostic pictures using MRI imaging modalities.

In many instances, the radiologists at Mission Imaging 3T MRI recognize that the legal environment is integral to the medicinal framework. 

With or without a lien, we collaborate with patients, lawyers, and payors to ensure the timely delivery of clear, high-definition imaging findings.

We’ve created a list of valuable resources for lawyers, particularly those who handle personal injury claims. 

Call us at 909-433-0575 if you have any questions regarding how Precise Imaging can assist plaintiffs and their lawyers.


Simplify your next personal injury case with easy access to Mission Imaging 3T MRI’s tools and advantages, which include:

Personal Injury Lien: Why create a new document when we give quick, no-cost access to this essential legal resource? Access to often required download files, such as a lien. It complies with federal and state laws and is admissible in any court in the country.

Letter of Protection for Personal Injury: Under a letter of protection from an attorney, the skilled diagnostic teams at Precise Imaging perform necessary diagnostic procedures. Ensure your customers get the required treatment without a prolonged fight with insurance.

Attorney Web Portal: Log in to view client medical records and imaging procedure results. Our online portal enables 24/7, HIPAA-compliant access to patient information that may assure your case’s success. This site is compatible with all devices, from desktop computers to tablets. Our one-of-a-kind interface connects the materials comprising the heart of your injury case, arranging data in a straightforward style.

Results When You Need Them: We can expedite imaging results to ensure you’re ready for any court date. Schedule a same-day MRI and access the results within 24 hours.

Complete IT Support: Your client’s medical records are only helpful if you can remotely access them when required. We guarantee reliable performance, but if an issue arises, our devoted IT team is always accessible to assist you. Contact the support desk of Mission Imaging 3T MRI at 909-433-0575 for courteous and quick service.


  • Developing a stronger relationship
  • Our passionate Mission Imaging 3T MRI team strives to provide you and your client with a pleasant and cost-effective experience.


  • Complete Reports within 48 Hours
  • We expedite the reports for your client so you may concentrate on their case and move on to the next phase. Digital reports are available.